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Y Yorkshire. placename 1
YAJ Yorkshire Archæological Journal (in progress). series 76
YAM P. Rutledge, "Great Yarmouth Assembly Minutes 1538- 1545", Norfolk Record Society 39, pp. 5-80. source 9
Yarb Documents in the Yarborough Deposit in Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 444
YarmouthD Deeds related to Yarmouth (Schram). source 4
YAS Collections of deeds and documents in the Yorkshire Archæological Society, Leeds. source 193
YAS Yorkshire Archæological Society's publications, Record Series. series 3
YAS Dd Deeds desposited with the Yorkshire Archæological Society, Leeds. source 56
YAS Md Documents owned by the Yorkshire Archæological Society, Leeds. source 132
Yates Wm Yates, A Topographical Map of the Co of Stafford, 1775, based on a survey made 1769-75. source 66
YBA Yarmouth Borough Archives in the Norfolk Record Office. source 74
YBk Year Books (Rolls Series), 5 vols., 1863-79; Year Books (Selden Society), 1903-. (In progress.) source 1
YCh Early Yorkshire Charters, ed. W. Farrer and C. T. Clay, 12 vols. (Edinburgh and Yorkshire Archaeological Record Society), 1914-1965 (vols. 1-3 ed. by W. Farrer; vols. 4-12 ed. by C. T. Clay). source 5573
YChant Yorkshire Chantry Surveys (Surtees Society 91-92), 1894-95. source 460
YCt Yarmouth Borough Court Rolls (Schram). source 10
YD A collection of Deeds, Leeds Reference Library. source 8
YD Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archæological Journal v, vi, xii, xiii, xvi, xvii); Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archæological Society 39, 50, 63, 65, 69, 76, 83). source 633
YD Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archaeological Journal i, v, ix, xii, xiii, xvi, xvii, with volume and page references); Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 39, 50, 63, 65, 69, 76, 83, 102, 111, 120, with volume references). source 5670
YD Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archaeological Society) in progress. source 16
YD Yorkshire Deeds (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series 39, 50, 63, 64). source 107