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Win Winstanley Manuscripts, The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Wigston Magna. source 8
Winch Winchester College Muniments. source 180
WinchAn Winchcombe Annals, ed. R. R. Darlington, in A Medieval Miscellany for Doris Mary Stenton (Pipe Roll Society, New Series 36, 1962), 111-37. source 28
WinchColl Documents in the possession of Winchester College. source 17
Winchcombe Landboc, sive registrum Monasterii beatae Mariae virginis et sancti Cenhelmi de Winchelcumba, ed. D. Royce, Exeter 1892-1903. source 1041
Winchester Chartulary of Winchester Cathedral, ed. A. W. Goodman, Winchester 1927. source 38
WinchesterPR The Pipe Roll of the Bishopric of Winchester for the fourth year of the Pontificate of Peter des Roches, 1208-9, ed. H. Hall, London 1903. source 11
Windsor Catalogue of Muniments, St George's Chapel, Windsor (unpublished copy in Berkshire County Record Office). Material from this was extracted in 1951. The catalogue was later published as The Manuscripts of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, ed. J. N. Dalton, 1957. source 94
Wing Wing Parish Registers. source 1
Winstone Winstone, Extracts from the Minutes of the Epping and Ongar Highway Trust, 1891. source 12
WinteringhamPD Winteringham Parish Documents in Lincolnshire Archive Office source 9
WintertonPD Winterton Parish Documents in Lincolnshire Archive Office source 1
Winton Documents in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral. source 5
Winton The Register of John Pontissara (Surrey Record Society), 1913-24; Register of John de Sandal and Rigaud de Asseris (Hampshire Record Society), 1897; Wykeham's Register (Hampshire Record Society), 2 vols., 1896-99. source 155
Winton Unspecified published source (perhaps Winchester Episcopal Registers). source 1
Winton Winchester Episcopal Registers. source 4
Winton Wykeham's Register, 2 vols. (Hampshire Record Society), 1896-99. source 11
WIpm Wiltshire Inquisitions post mortem, 1242 to 1377 and t. Chas 1 (British Record Society 1901, 1908, 1914). source 171
Wisb Unpublished deeds, etc. in the Wisbech Museum. source 52
Wisbech Map Map of bounds of Wisbech Hundred, 1597, revised 1657, containing extracts from early documents (Wisbech Museum). source 35