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Tullie Tullie House deeds in the Cumberland County Record Office, Carlisle. source 13
Tur Documents in the Turnor Collection in Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 17
Turner F. Turner, A history of the parish of Egham, 1926. source 23
Turner Select Pleas of the Forest, ed. G. J. Turner (Selden Society 13), 1901. source 302
Turnp Survey of the Turnpike Road from Rochdale to Halifax 1735 (Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society 52, 96 ff). source 6
Turnpike Act Turnpike Acts Relating to Sussex. source 3
Tusmore Tusmore Papers, ed. L. G. Wickham Legg (Oxfordshire Record Society 20), 1939. source 8
Tutbury Transcript of the Cartulary of Tutbury Priory (Additional Manuscript 6714)British Museum, now British Library (18th). source 326
TutP Cartulary of Tutbury Priory (Historical Manuscripts Commission vol. JP2), 1962. source 47
TYR Transferred documents from Kent Record Office in Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 15
Terrier Unpublished terrier of 1590, example from the Rev. Canon W. R. Shepherd. source 1
TA Tithe Award document 183
Terrier Terrier published in Robert Surtees, The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol. 3, London 1816-40. document 1
Tax Taxatio Ecclesiastica document 2
TA Map Tithe Award Map (1839). document 2