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Survey Map Manorial maps in possession of the Ordnance Survey Office. source 1
SurvTet Survey of Tetbury 1594 (Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archæological Society xxxvii, 72 ff). source 5
Sutton C. N. Sutton, Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest, 1902. source 1
Swaby Rev. William Proctor Swaby, A Short History of the Castle, Family and Estates of the Hiltons of Hilton Castle, Sunderland 1884 source 1
Swaff Robert de Swaffham's footnotes to his transcript of the Chronicle of Hugh Candidus in The Chronicle of Hugh Candidus, ed. T. Mellows, 1949. source 3
Swaffham The Register of Robert Swaffham, manuscript in Peterborough Cathedral Library (photostat penes W. T. Mellows, Esq.). source 18
Swan Documents deposited by Swanage Urban District Council in Dorset Record Office (D 37). source 25
Swanbourne Swanbourn Parish Registers. source 3
Swanton E. W. Swanton, Bygone Haslemere, 1914. source 36
SWealdPR South Weald Parish Registers. source 23
Swin Registrum Ricardi de Swinfield, Episcopi Herefordensis, ed. W. W. Capes, Canterbury and York Society VI, 1909. source 11
Swithin S. Swithunus, Miracula, ed. Huber, 1905. source 1
SxAS Deeds deposited by Sussex Archaeological Society in Dorset Record Office (D 250). source 15
SxNQ Sussex Notes and Queries. (In progress.) series 13
Sykes Forms supplied by the late Rev. W. S. Sykes. person 9
Sym Deeds deposited by A. A. Symonds, Esq in Dorset Record Office (D 90). source 3
Saxton Christopher Saxton, Map of Staffordshire 1577; Christopher Saxton, Atlas of England and Wales, London 1576. source 17
Surv Surveys in the Public Record and in local and private collections. source 47
SD Symeon of Durham (Rolls Series), 2 vols., 1882-5; Symeon of Durham (Surtees Society 51), 1867. source 9
Shakespeare (Richard II) William Shakespeare, Richard II, c. 1595. source 1