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Peniarth Peniarth MS 390 in the National Library of Wales (13th century). source 69
PenkridgeInq D. Stiles, Penkridge Inquisitions 1261, in the appendix to The Early History of Penkridge, SHC 1950-1. source 11
Penn Unspecified source, but probably K. J. Penn, Historic Towns in Dorset (Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society), 1980. source 1
Penshurst Historical Manuscripts Commission Report on Manuscripts preserved at Penshurst Place, vol. I, 1925. source 344
Peov The Mainwaring of Peover Manuscripts listed at National Register of Archives. source 1
Pepys The Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1668 (Cassell's National Library Series 111, 126), London 1888. source 1
Peramb Forest Perambulations (PRO). source 2
Peramb Perambulation of Dartmoor Forest in 1240. (Manuscript at Duchy of Cornwall Office.) source 14
Peramb Perambulations of Forests in Magnum Registrum Album (1317-28), ed. by H. E. Savage, Collections for a History of Staffordshire 1924 (c. 1275). source 1
Peramb Unpublished Parish and Forest Perambulations in the Public Record Office and in Staffordshire Record Office. source 2
Perambulation Forest Perambulations in Public Record Office source 2
Perambulation Parish perambulations in private hands. source 2
Percy Percy Chartulary (Surtees Society 117), 1911. source 631
Perfect Perfect, Ye Olde Village of Hornchurch, 1917. source 1
Peterb Register of Peterborough Abbey (c. 1253) (Egerton Manuscript 2733). source 7
PeterbA Cartulary of the Abbey of Peterborough (Society of Antiquaries Library, MS 60). source 50
PeterbB Cartulary of the Abbey of Peterborough (Society of Antiquaries Library, MS 38). source 44
Peterhouse Documents penes Peterhouse, Cambridge. source 64
PetLD The Last Days of Peterborough Monastery, ed. W. T. Mellows (Northamptonshire Record Society xii, xiii), 1947. source 7
PetLN Liber Niger of Peterborough Abbey, Society of Antiquaries MS 60 (12, with additions to 14). source 18