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Ottery Anglo-Saxon grant of land at Ottery. source 1
Ottery Anglo-Saxon grant of land at Ottery. source 7
Outl Palatinate of Chester, Outlawry Rolls, in PRO. source 7
OxActs Oxford Council Acts, ed. M. G. Hobson and H. E. Salter (Oxfordshire Historical Society 95), 1933. source 2
Oxenedes Chronica Johannis de Oxenedes, ed. H. Ellis (Rolls Series), London 1859. source 2
OxonCh Facsimiles of early charters in Oxford muniment rooms, ed. H. E. Salter, Oxford 1929. source 155
Oxoniensia Oxoniensia, the journal of the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society. series 14
OxRoyLet Royal Letters addressed to Oxford, ed. O. Ogle, Oxford 1892. source 3
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Orig Rotulorum originalium in curia scaccarii abbreviatio, 2 vols. (Record Commission), London 1805-10; Originalia Rolls, Pipe Roll Soc (New Series vol. 21), 1943. source 16
OS 1″ Map 1838 1″ Ordnance Survey Map (North East Norfolk). source 4
OS 6″ Map 1900-1906 edition of the 6″ Ordnance Survey Map. source 3
Overseers for Poor Account of the Overseers for the Poor, Kiddimore Green, Brewood Parish, 1688. source 2