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OrigLetters Original letters illustrative of English History, ed. Ellis, three series, 1825-46. source 1
Orkneyinga saga The Orkneyinga Saga. source 1
Orkneyingasaga Orkneyinga Saga in Icelandic Sagas (Rolls Series), vols. i and iii, 1887-94. source 4
Orm1 G. Ormerod, History of Cheshire, London 1819. source 40
Orm2 G. Ormerod, History of Cheshire, ed. T. Helsby, London 1882. source 3309
Ormsby W O Massingberd, History of the Parish of Ormsby-cum- Ketsby, Lincoln n.d. source 7
Orosius King Alfred's Orosius, ed. H. Sweet (Early English Text Society, Old Series 79), 1883. source 1
Orton Orton Court Rolls in the possession of Captain Anthony Crofton. source 47
Os Cartulary of Oseney Abbey, ed. H. E. Salter (Oxford Historical Society 89, 90, 91, 97, 98, 101), 1929-36. source 533
OS Name books of the Ordnance Survey. series 186
OS Ordnance Survey Maps; 1842 OS indicates the Original 1″ OS Map, 1″ OS indicates the 7th ed. OS 1″ Map, and 6″ OS indicates the 1910-14 eds. OS 6″ Map. source 1165
OS Original 1″ Ordnance Survey map. source 1599
Oseney Oseney Charters in the Bodleian Library. source 2
Oseney The English Register of Oseney Abbey, ed. A. Clark (Early English Text Society, Original series, 133, 144), 1907-13. source 2
OSFacs Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, trans. W. B. Sanders (Ordnance Survey Office), Pts. 1-3, Southampton 1878-84. source 1
OSFacs Ordnance Survey Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, Part II, Exeter XVI, Southampton 1881. source 4
OSurv The Oakham Survey of 1305, Rutland Record Society, 1988. source 2
OSut The Rolls and Registers of Bishop Oliver Sutton (Lincoln Record Society 39, 43, 48, 52, 60), 1948-65. source 200
other MSS Manuscripts of Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum other than the Moore Manuscript and The Old English Bede, ed. Miller. source 1
Otley Otley Deeds, Leeds Reference Library. source 5