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NthNQ Northamptonshire Notes and Queries, 1886-96 and 1905 ff. source 19
NthStA Cartulary of St Andrew's, Northampton (Cotton Vespasian E. xvii). source 33
NthStJ Cartulary of St James', Northampton (Cotton Tiberius E. v). source 7
NtIpm Nottinghamshire Inquisitions post mortem (Thoroton Record Soc.), 1905, 1914. source 80
Nunkeel Nunkeeling Register (Britism Museum, now British Library, Cotton Otho C viii), manuscript c. 1536. source 154
NW North Willingham Deposit in Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 52
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Norfolk Unspecified source in volume, but possibly Norfolk Archaeology, published by the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society. source 1
NomVill Nomina Villarum, 1316 (Surtees Society 49), 1867. source 144