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Mansel Documents in possession of Major J. C. Mansel. source 77
Map Copy of unpublished 19th cent, plan of Fryer House Estate in the parish of Middleton in Teesdale penes H. L. Beadle of Dale House, Forest in Teesdale source 8
Map Early Maps (British Museum, now British Library, Lansdowne MS 896, f. 1). source 13
Map Maps (unpublished), chiefly in the possession of the Northamptonshire Record Society. source 25
Map Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office (cf. Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office, 1. British Isles, c. 1410-1860, London 1967). source 17
Map A map of London at the date given (usually reproduced by the London Topographical Society or by Clinch). Parish maps are often cited under the name of the book in which they are reproduced. For 1708 see Map of the Cavendish-Harley estate, Marylebone, 1708 (Clinch). For c. 1710 see Map of West London, c. 1710 (London Topographical Society publication lvi). For 1795 see Map of the Duke of Bedford's estates, 1795 (London Topographical Society publication lxvi). source 12
Map Unpublished maps and plans (originals and photostats) (Cambridge University Library). source 33
Map Unspecified published map. source 398
Map Unspecified, unpublished map. source 522
Map Various maps of Durham: see Ruth Turner, Maps of Durham 1576-1872, Durham University Library, Durham 1954 (1) Christopher Saxton 1576 (2) J. Speed 1611 (2) Christopher Maire c. 1710 (3) Thomas Kitchin 1763 (4) A. Armstrong 1768 source 27
Map Various unpublished maps in the Public Record Office, Staffordshire Record Office, and in various Collections. source 6
Map Maps in private hands. source 1
Map Unpublished Maps in Public Record Office. source 79
Map In Pt 3 Map is: H. D. G. Foxall's map of Lilleshall parish, based on a map and survey of the Marquis of Stafford's estates, 1813. In Pt 4 Map is: H. D. G. Foxall's field-name map of Sutton parish, 1807 (Shropshire Records and Research Centre, formerly Shropshire Record Office, SRO 327/16). In Pt 5 Map is: H. D. G. Foxall's drawing of a Corbet Estate map, 1800 (Shropshire Records and Research Centre, formerly Shropshire Record Office, SRO 327/16). Cf. this with the definition for Corbett survey. source 18
Map of Worc. Canal Map of the Worcester Canal, 1786 (Worcestershire Record Office). source 1
MapCh A Map of Chelsea, Surveyed in the year 1664 (by James Hamilton), continued to 1717 (by John King) (in T. Faulkner, An Historical and Topographical Description of Chelsea, 2nd ed., vol. 1, 1829). source 6
MapGrims Maps of Great Coates in North-East Lincolnshire Archives. source 3
MapH Maps in W. Hutchinson, The History of the County of Cumberland, 2 vols., Carlisle 1794. source 19
MarC Marriage Registers, Archdeaconry of Chichester (Sussex Record Society 9, 32). source 61
March W. Nicolson (Bishop of Carlisle), Leges Marchiarum, Carlisle 1747. source 34