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Hewitt The Hewitt family papers in private hands. source 5
Hexham The Priory of Hexham (Surtees Society 44, 46), 1864, 1865. source 16
Heywood John Heywood, The Play of the Wether, a new and mery interlude of all maner of Wethers, 1533. source 3
HFB Hemsby Field Books, Norfolk Record Office. source 1
HfxD Halifax Deeds in Bankfield Museum, Halifax. source 3
HfxWill Halifax Wills, ed. C. T. Clay and E. W. Crossley, Halifax. source 24
HH Unpublished Hanby Holmes Solicitors records, Durham County Record Office source 2
HHunt Henrici Archidiaconi Huntendonensis Historia Anglorum, ed. T. A. Arnold (Rolls Series), 1879. source 53
Hickes Linguarum vett. septentrion. Thesaurus, 2 vols., 1703-05. source 3
Hig Documents in the Higgins Collection in Lincolnshire Archive Office source 4
Higden Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden (with the English translation of John Trevisa) (Rolls Series), 9 vols., 1865-86. source 12
HighwayB Keyham Highway Book, The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Wigston Magna. source 4
Hill Documents in the Sir J. W. F. Hill Collection in the Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 34
Hill Unspecified source in volume, but possibly Documents in the Sir J. W. F. Hill Collection in the Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 2
Hillesdon Hillesdon Parish Registers. source 1
Hine R. L. Hine, The History of Hitchin, 2 vols., 1927-29. source 3
Hist El Historia Eliensis, ed. Stewart, 1848. source 2
Hist. Croyland. Continuatio Ingulphus, Historia Croylandensis, et Continuationes. The Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland, translated Henry T. Riley, 1854. source 1
Hlm Hallamshire, the History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield, by Joseph Hunter [1819], revised ed. by Alfred Gatty, Sheffield 1869. source 230
HMC (Report of the) Historical Manuscripts Commission. series 528