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Hearne A Letter containing an account of some Antiquities between Windsor and Oxford, T. Hearne, printed in Vol. v of Hearne's edition of Leland's Itinerary, 2nd ed. 1744. source 17
Hearth Tax Unpublished Sussex Hearth Tax. source 1
Heimskringla Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla, ed. F. Jónsson, 4 vols., 1893-1911. source 6
Hem Ancient Charters from the Hemingway Manuscripts, ed J. Lister (The Bradford Antiquary, Old Series i, 214, 274 ff; ii, 24 ff). source 37
Hem J. Hemingway, History of the City of Chester, Chester 1831. source 10
Heming Hemingi Chartularium ecclesiae Wigorniensis, ed. T. Hearne, Oxford 1723. source 101
Hen1 Hengrave Manuscripts in Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk Record Office. source 76
Hen2 Hengrave Hall Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library. source 69
HendonSurv Surveys of the Manor of Hendon (Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, New Series, 6, 7). source 26
Heneage Documents in the Heneage Collection in Lincolnshire Archive Office source 9
Heneage J. W. F. Hill, Sir George Heneage's Estate Book, 1625, (Lincolnshire Architectural and Archaeological Society Reports and Papers i), 1936-7. source 8
Hengwrt Hengwrt MS 150 (National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth). source 4
Henley Henley Corporation Documents (forms supplied by Miss Briers). source 11
Heref Hereford Episcopal Registers (Canterbury and York Society), 1906-14. source 23
Heref Registers of the Diocese of Hereford (Canterbury and York Society), 1907-13. source 133
Heron-Allen E. Heron-Allen, Selsey Bill, 1911. source 3
Herts Hertfordshire County Records, 7 vols., 1905-31. source 7
Herts Sess Hertford County Records, Notes from the Sessions Rolls, 2 vols., 1905. source 3
Hesk The Hesketh Muniments in Lancashire Record Office. source 4
Hesley Transcripts provided by Miss Joan Wake of sources in the possession of the Charlton family at Hesleyside. source 39