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Harl Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum (now British Library). source 331
Harl Harleian Manuscripts and Charters (British Museum). source 14
Harl 3763 Evesham Cartulary. source 1
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HarlCh Harleian Charters in the British Museum (now British Library). source 835
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HaRO Documents in Hampshire Record Office. source 11
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Harrod Harrod, Report on the Records of the Borough of Colchester, 1865. source 7
Harrold Harrold Cartulary (British Library, Lansdowne 391). source 1
Harrowby Documents belonging to the Earl of Harrowby at Burnt Norton. source 10
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HAS Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions (each vol. being designated by the last two figures of the year in which it appeared). series 829
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