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Ex-Rel The State of the Ex-Religious and Former Chantry Priests in the Diocese of Lincoln 1547-74 (Lincoln Record Society 53), 1959. source 6
Ext Ancient extents (Public Record Office, E. 142). source 50
Ext Extents of Manors, c. 1295, 1320, Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 94, 1-72; Extents of Manors, 1309 (Rastrick, Hipperholme and Sowerby) Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions 14; Extents of Manors, 1341 (Roundhay) Thoresby Society ii, 220 ff; Extents of Manors, 1342 (Bradford, Leeds, Rothwell) The Bradford Antiquary, Old Series ii, 57 ff, 137 ff, 140 ff. source 170
Ext Ancient Extents in Public Record Office. source 21
Extent Ancient Extents (unpublished) in the Public Record Office, nos. 48 ff. source 110
Extent Ancient Extents (unpublished) in the Public Record Office. source 24
Extent Extents in British Museum (now British Library), Public Record Office and Dean and Chapter Library, Ely. source 26
Extent Extents of Manors (PRO). source 13
Extent Unpublished Extents in the Public Record Office, British Museum, and elsewhere. source 38
Extent(Clere) Extent of lands and tenements belonging to Robert Clere in East and West Somerton in 1443, Norfolk Record Office. source 3
Extents Ancient Extents in the Public Record Office. source 8
Eynsham Eynsham Cartulary, ed. H. E. Salter, 2 vols. (Oxford Historical Society 49, 51), 1907-08. source 529
Eyre Rolls of the Justices in Eyre for Lincolnshire and Worcestershire (1221), and for Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire (1221, 1222), ed. Doris M. Stenton (Selden Society 53, 59), London 1934, 1940. source 192
Eyre The Palatinate of Chester, Eyre Rolls of the Justice of Chester, in Public Record Office. source 1716
Eyton R. W. Eyton, Antiquities of Shropshire, London 1854-60. source 73
Eyton SRO 665/37-8, an uncatalogued collection of 16th, 17th and early 18th century, indentures from the Condover estate which came to the Shropshire Records and Reseach Centre (Shropshire Archives, formerly the Shropshire Record Office) from the Eyton family. source 19
ECP Early Chancery Proceedings (Public Record Office Lists and Indexes, 12, 16, 20, 29, 38, 48, 50); Early Chancery Proceedings 1377- 1509, ed. by Gen. Wrottesley, Collections for a History of Staffordshire (New Series, 7), 1904. source 49
Essoins Unspecified Essoin Rolls, possibly published in Collections for a History of Staffordshire. source 1
Extent Unspecified source in volume, but likely to be Extent Roll Staffordshire Record Office, collection reference D. 938/29, or unpublished Ancient Extents in the Public Record Office and the British Library. source 1
Ep Unspecified source in volume. source 1