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EnclA Various printed Enclosure Acts and Awards source 5
Enclosure Act Enclosure Act. source 5
Encomium Emmae Cnutonis regis gesta sive encomium Emmae Eeginae auctore monacho Sancti Bertini, Hannover, 1865. source 1
Endowments Schools and Endowed Institutions (Surrey Record Society), 1930. source 39
EP Unpublished Ecclesiastical Parish Records, Durham County Record Office source 1
EPC Unspecified, published source. source 2
EpCB An Episcopal Court Book for the Diocese of Lincoln 1514-20 (Lincoln Record Society 61), 1967. source 27
Episc Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of Worcester, ed. J. W. Willis Bund, Worcestershire Historical Society transactions and publications, 1897-1902. source 719
ER The Essex Review. (In progress.) series 253
ERN E. Ekwall, English River-Names, Oxford 1928. source 2
ERO Surveys of Corscombe and Halstock presented to Dorset Record Office by Essex Record Office. source 55
ERW T. A. M. Bishop and P. Chaplais, ed., Facsimiles of English Royal Writs to AD 1100, Oxford 1957 source 1
Eskdale The Eskdale xxiv Book, Award of the Manor Court of Eskdale, Miterdale and Wasdalehead, 1587, copied in 1659. Late 18th c. copy in the possession of Mrs Towers Hartley. source 43
Essai J. J. Ferber, Essai sur l'oxyctographie du Derbyshire, 1778. source 4
EssPR Essex Parish Registers, Marriages, ed. Phillimore, 4 vols., 1909-14. source 74
EssVis The Visitations of Essex (Harleian Society 13, 14), 1878-79. source 4
Estate Map Unpublished Estate Map. source 3
EstatePlan Estate Plan, 1855 (Lincolnshire Archive Office). source 1
EstMap Estate Maps in various hands. source 2
Ethelw Fabii Ethelwerdi Chronicorum…libri quatuor (in Monumenta Historica Britannica), ed. H. Petrie, London 1848. source 7