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Em Documents in the Emeris Collection in Lincolnshire Archive Office source 18
EM Enclosure Map; in Martham, Somerton and Winterton, R. C. Taylor's Estate Map of 1828 in the Norfolk Record Office. source 2
Encl Leadam, Domesday of Enclosures (Royal Historical Society), 1897. source 16
Encl Unpublished Enclosure Award (1663 Greatham revision of 1650 agreement) source 21
EnclA Enclosure Acts and Awards in Westmorland County Record Office, Kendal. source 55
EnclA Enclosure Awards (in private hands). source 2
EnclA Enclosure Awards (Middlesex Guildhall). source 2
EnclA Enclosure Awards (Warwickshire County Hall Offices). source 24
EnclA Enclosure Awards in Lincolnshire Archive Office. source 244
EnclA Enclosure Awards in Staffordshire Record Office, Public Record Office and in private hands. source 13
EnclA Enclosure Awards in various publications. source 1
EnclA Enclosure Awards, mostly in the County Record Office, Town Hall, Oxford. source 48
EnclA Middlesex Enclosure Awards (printed in various parish histories and in Bridges, Report of the Committee of Magistrates respecting the Public Bridges in the County of Middlesex, 1826.). source 12
EnclA Unprinted Enclosure Awards (Gloucestershire Record Office, Public Record Office, etc.). source 192
EnclA Unprinted Enclosure Awards in Dorset Record Office. source 80
EnclA Unprinted Enclosure Awards, chiefly in the County Record Office. source 64
EnclA Unprinted Enclosure Awards, preserved chiefly in the West Riding Registry of Deeds, Wakefield, and Clerk of the Peace Quarter Sessions Books, York. source 296
EnclA Unpublished Enclosure Awards dated e.g. 1674[1886], Durham Chancery Court copies of the original award, Durham University Library Special Collections of Archives source 21
EnclA Unpublished Enclosure Awards, Leicestershire Record Office, Leicester. source 134
EnclA Unpublished Enclosure Awards. source 280