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DR Durham Unspecified medieval source. Probably twelfth century charter now in possession of the Dean and Chapter of Durham. source 1
DRA Unpublished DCD Deanery Rentals and Accounts source 15
Drake F. Drake, Eboracum, 1736. source 1
Drax Drax Papers in custody of Messrs Preston & Redman, Bournemouth. source 27
Drax The Cartulary of Drax Priory, Bodleian Library, Top. Yorks c.72 source 71
Drayton Charters Drayton Manuscripts, penes N. Stopford-Sackville, Esq. source 4
Drew Col. C. D. Drew's manorial index in the Dorset County Museum. source 392
DRH Lands of Dissolved Religious Houses in the Public Record Office (Sc. 6, 7357, 7364). source 78
DRO Miscellaneous documents in the Dorset Record Office (e.g. 19th cent valuation lists). source 9
DROCt Court Rolls in the Dorset Record Office. source 4
DROMap Printed maps and plans in the Dorset Record Office. source 20
DROMap Unpublished maps and plans in the Dorset Record Office. source 186
DROSurv Surveys in the Dorset Record Office. source 6
Druett Pinner through the Ages, ed. W. W. Druett, 1937. source 3
DST Historiæ Dunelmensis Scriptores Tres (Surtees Society, 9), 1839. source 20
Dual Origin A. Gray, The Dual Origin of the Town of Cambridge (Cambridge Antiquarian Society, Quarto Publications, New Series i), 1908. source 1
Ducie Muniments of the Earl of Ducie (Gloucestershire Record Office, D. 340). source 3
DucLds R. Thoresby, Ducatus Leodiensis, 1714 (ed. T. D. Whitaker, Leeds 1816). source 43
DuCo Documents in the Duchy of Cornwall Office. source 242
DuDCCh Durham Cathedral Dean and Chapter charters, Durham County Record Office, Durham. source 5