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DD Unpublished Dickinson Dees & Co. Solicitors Records, Durham County Record Office source 2
DdSale Deeds of Sale and Exchange in Public Record Office (E. 307). source 13
de l'Isle Report on the Manuscripts of Lord de l'Isle and Dudley (Historical Manuscripts Commission), 4 vols., 1925-42. source 6
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Deed Form taken from an original deed. source 5
Deed Miscellaneous deeds in the Leicestershire Record Office, Leicester. source 169
Deed Miscellaneous deeds in various publications. source 32
Deed Unprinted deed, copy of original at Langrigg Hall. source 5
Deed Unpublished deed. source 8
Deed Unpublished deeds in Exeter City Public Library, in possession of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral, and in private hands. source 452
Deed Unpublished deeds in possession of the Surrey Archaeological Society and in private hands source 105
Deed Unpublished deeds in Staffordshire Record Office, British Museum, Public Record Office, and in private hands. source 38
Deed Unpublished deeds, chiefly at Northamptonshire Record Society. source 13
Deed Unpublished Deeds at the Public Record Office and in private hands. source 2
Deed Miscellaneous deeds in The Record Office for Leicestershire; in Leicester Muniments Room, Leicester; in Lincolnshire Archives Office, Lincoln; in private collections. source 130
Deed Unpublished deed (penesMiss E. Scroggs) source 10
Deed NRO Deeds in the keeping of the Norfolk Record Office. source 6
Deeds Unpublished deeds in private hands source 252
Deeds Deeds in 4BM (Lincolnshire Archive Office) source 45