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Census The 1851 Census for Lincolnshire (Microfilm copy in Lincolnshire Archive Office) source 76
Census The 1801 Census for Berkshire. source 5
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CG Unpublished Clayton and Gibson Solicitors Records, Durham County Record Office source 14
CGild Cambridge Gild Records, ed. M. Bateson (Cambridge Antiquarian Society 39), 1903. source 4
Ch Calendar of Charter Rolls, 6 vols. (Public Record Office), 1903-27. source 10422
Ch Charter at Public Record Office, Chancery Master's Exhibits (Blunt 21). source 17
Ch Charters relating to Norwich Cathedral in the Norfolk Record Office. source 1
CH Christ's Hospital Abingdon, Calendar of Documents 1165-1898, four volumes in the Berkshire County Record Office. source 13
CH Court rolls for Cranborne hundred, survey of Tincleton, etc. deposited by Messrs Curtler & Hallmark, solicitors, in Dorset Record Office (D 172, D 202). source 132
Ch Unpublished Charter Rolls in the Public Record Office. source 7
Ch(Facs) Charter Facsimiles, penes Professor Owen. source 18
ChAccts Chamberlains' Accounts in Records of the Borough of Leicester, vols. 1-3, ed. M. Bateson 1899-1905; vol. 4, ed. H. Stocks 1923; vols. 5-6, ed. G. A. Chinnery 1965-7. source 14
Chalcombe Rentale Prioratus de Chacombe (Records of the Exchequer, Miscellaneous Books 378) (Public Record Office). source 4
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Chamb The Chambers deeds in Westmorland County Record Office, Kendal. source 31
Chambers E. K. Chambers, Eynsham under the Monks (OxRecSoc 18), 1936. source 6
Chanc Calendar of Chancery Rolls, London 1912. source 5
Chanc Roll Various readings from Chancellor's copy of Pipe Rolls, as noted in Pipe Roll Society's editions. source 16