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CartAntiq (PRO) Charters in the Public Record Office. source 1
CartDec Carte Decani (MS A/1/7) in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln (c. 1320). source 31
Carter Edmund Carter, The History of the County of Cambridge, 1819. source 2
CartHospit Cartulaire général de l'ordre des hospitaliers de S. Jean de Jérusalem, 1100-1310, ed. J. Delaville Le Roulx, 4 vols., Paris 1894-1906. source 3
CartMisc Cartæ Miscellaneæ (Public Record Office). source 2
CartMisc Cartæ Miscellaneæ (Augmentation Office, Miscellaneous Books, vols. 31-54, Public Record Office). source 55
CartN Carte Nativorum, including charters from the Precentor's Registers penes the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough (photostat in possession of W. T. Mellows, Esq.). source 18
Cartwright E. Cartwright, Parochial History of the Rape of Bramber, 1830. source 4
Cary Cary, Map of Warwickshire (in Camden's Britannia, 1789). source 11
Cary Cary, Map of Wiltshire (in Camden's Britannia, 1789). source 1
Cary J. Cary, English Atlas, 1787. source 13
Cary J. Cary, Map of Derbyshire, 1787, 1792, 1793, 1801, 1805, 1806, 1809, 1810, 1812, 1828. source 7
Cary J. Cary, Map of Nottinghamshire, 1821. source 4
Cary J. Cary, Map of Staffordshire 1787 to 1832. source 2
Cary John Cary, A New Map of Surrey, 1785. source 13
Cary John Cary, Map of London and Suburbs, 1793, 1808. source 16
CAS Cambridge Antiquarian Society Publications, Octavo Series. (In progress.) series 10
CAS The Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society; CASNS indicates the New Series. series 50
Cass F. C. Cass, East Barnet, 1885. source 14
Cassio Court Rolls and Rentals of the manor of Cassiobury (Hertford Muniment Room).
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source 99