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Field-name located in the Parish of Irby upon Humber
Historic field-name
a furre-plat of ye Lords, a parcell of furzground commonly called the Lords furzs, atte Hallegarth, Brygsele close, Croft de Irby, Grene de Irby, kow pasture, Moore dale, the Common furres, the common pasture of Tofte …, the common pastures of Toft …, the kings high way, the kow pasture, the long close, the Orley close, the Toft pasture, the upp close, the upper close, toft lane & toft
Modern field-name
(Far) Pingle, 12 Acres, 14 Acres, 15 Acres, 17 Acres, 18 Acres, 3 Acres, 4 Acres, 40 shillings Field, 5 Acres, 8 Acres, Acre, Acres, Ancient Lane in Seven Gardens, Ash Close, Bacon Fd (sic), Barnoldby le Beck Road, Beacon Field, Beck Close, Beelsby Lane Plat, Beelsby Sheepwalk, Bormans Walk, Bottom Close, Bottom Coney Green, Bottom Home Close, Brick Kiln Close, Btm Intake, Burkitts Garden, Calf Close, Car, Carr, Claytons Ings, Cock Field, Coney Green, Coney Green Close, Cook Field, Cow Close, Cow Field, Cowfield, Crab House, Crab Yard, Crab Yard, Crab Yard Homestead, Dean Davy's Garden, Eight acres, Eight Acres, Eighteen Acres, Eleven Acres, Eleven acres, Far Bottom Field, Far Eighteen Acres, Far Field, Far Sheep Walk, Far Ten Acres, Far Walk, Farfield, Fifteen acres, Fifteen Acres, First Bottom Field, First Cook Field, First Cook Field, First Field, First Plat, First Top Field, five Acres, Five Acres, Forty Shillings Field, Four Acres, Fourteen Acres, Fox Cover, G Field, Garth, Gipsey Plat, Great Field, Great Pit Field, Green Lane, Hastings, High Intack, High Intake, High Joint Close, Hog pit Field, Hog Pit Field, Hog Pitt long Field, Holland Bridge (sic), Hollin Bridge, Hollow Bridge, Hollow Briggs, Holme Walk Wood, Holton Close, Home Close, Home Field, Horse Close, Ings, Ings Close, Johnsons Farm, Johnsons Wood, Joist Pasture, Lane cl, Lane Close, Lanker Lair, Lanker lees (sic), Laukan Ley (sic), Lea Close, Ley Field, Lingard Close, Little Field, Little Pit Field, Little Sheep Walk, Long Eighteen Acres, Long fd, Long Field, Low Close, Low Field, Low Garden, Low Intack, Low Joint Close, Low Joist Close, Lowfield, Lunkerlease, Middle Dales, Middle Eighteen Acres, Middle Walk, Moat and Island, Near Sheep Walk, Near Ten Acres, New Field, New Joist Close, Nine Acres, Nine acres, North Sheep Walk, North Swallow Walk, North Top Field, Orchard, Oziers, Paddison Close, Paddock, Pattison Close, Pen Garth, Pig Sties, Pig Yard, Pinfold Field, Pit Field, Pit Walk, Pitt Field, Plantation, Plough Walk, Second Cook Field, Second Field, Second Plat, Second Top Field, Seventeen Acres, Seventeen acres, Sheep Walk, South Beacon Hill, South Sheep Walk, South Swallow Sheep Walk, South Swallow Walk, South Top Field, Stack Yard, Starlings, Steephill Side, Stone Pit, Stone Plat, Stonepit Sheep Walk, Stray Piece, Strut Close, Swallow Plat, Swardale Bottom, Ten Acres, The Acre, The Car, the Cottagers Plat, the Fox Cover, The Three acres, The Twelve Acres, Third Top Field, Thistle Field, Thomas Field, Thorn Close, Three Acres, Three Gardens, Top Close, Top Coney Green, Top Field, Top Garden, Top Hastings, Top Home Close, Top Intake, Tup Park, Twelve acres, Twelve Acres, Uffindale, Valley, Washton dales, Well Garth, Well Yard, Willow Pingle, Willows, Willows Close, Wood Close, Yard
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.52523 Long -0.19461

  • geonameslat = 53.5252300, long = -0.1946100
  • unlocklat = 53.52331438714045, long = -0.1972198188358138
  • kepnlat = 53.5236, long = -0.198891

  • Kenneth Cameron, with John Field and John Insley, The Place-Names of Lincolnshire, Part 5 (EPNS 73), Nottingham 1997.