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Historic field-name
a Barkhowse, a Close called Sheldeclose, a close of John Hatcliffes, a Cottage or Tenement … which was hertofore Called Mr Wrights Houses, a place now called by the name of the Stone Stairs, Addams Close, Akerheued, all ye tementes, Anderson's house, Andersons House, Andersons Workhouse, aquares vocat sinkers, ashe close, atte Bothe, atte Wod', Atte Wode, ayrisdale, Baily Close, Bolyngtonland, Boothes close, Boothes house, Boy Close, Boyland, Bradlay feld, Bradley Feild Side, Bradley feild Side, Bradley feildes side, bradley feld syd, Bradley fields side, Bradley fields side, Bradley house, Brase Close, Brickyard, Bristows Close, Bull Bank, Caldesyke, Calkerthorp' iuxta magnam Grymesby, Candelarhedeland, Canonenge, Canonengehedeland, Canonengeland, capon furlong, Capon furres, Capon furs, Capon Furs, Cappam Furres, Cappam Furrs, Cappam-furrs, Cappon furres, Carkelthorp' iuxta magnam Grymesby, Caterall thinge, Cavething, church close, Church Close, clayton is putt, Claytons Green, Cobsey Close, Cobsey close, Cockhall garth, colbie thinge, colbie thyng, colby thyng, colston pytt, Constable Shoppe, Copsey Close, Coulson Pit, Coulsons Pitt House, coulston pytte, Coulston's pitt, Coulston's pitt house, Coulstons Pitt, Coulstons Pitt house, Coxsey Close, Coxsy Close, Craine house end, Crofto vocat' Tulehill, Crofto vocat' Tulehyll, cros Lea, Crossemare, Croxby Mede, Cuthardesdale, del Dyke, del Fal, Dike, domus … voc, Empringhams land, Fishborne Closes, Fleetwoods land, Fleetwoodslands, foss voc' a met water dik, foulthomes close, Foulthomes close, frostland, Frostland, Fyrsfurlanges, Garratts ground, Gibsons garth, Graynesbyland, Great Takell Close, Gresynges, Grimesbie headland, Grimsby Close, Grimsby head Land, Grimsby headland, Grimsbye Close, grymesbie headland, Grymesbygare, Grymesbysyke, Grymesdale, Grymsby Orchyard, Grymsbye close, Guevares howses, Harpum care, harsies close, Hatcliffes close, Heldecroft, Henneage Close, Hill Close, Hocks Croft, Hokkescrofte, home Closes, hor closes, Howfildes, Humberstone Thinge, Humberstone thinge, humberstone thinge, Hylfurlanges, in yis town called new purches, Jug close, kageler thyng, kaklay thyng, Kakley thinge, kakley thyng, Kalkerthorp' iuxta magnam Grymesby, Kircross Furlanges, La Almeson hous, Lang gairs, le almonshouse, le checker, le cheker, le Couston pitt, le dunghill, le fierbeacons, le Garthes, le Kyllett wood, le Kyllette woodes, le milnecroft, le myln croft, le oister pittes, le orchard, le pittes extra brighogait', le Ryndell, le Salt marche, le Sandput, le Spowte, le Stuble feild, le Sykehouses, le tolhilles, le Tollehilles, le vine garthe, le Wayer, le Wayour, le Wyllowes, lee Sheldecoft, lee wayer, les Sheldecoft, Lez Tollehilles, litill thorndall, litle Coates sike, Little Coates, little Coats Sike, Long Close, long Close, Loyds Close, lytill croft, Mathewland, messuagio vocato Halshamplace, Molend' de Templar, molendino de Kaldehal' quod pertinet ad manerium de Grimesby, Morley Close, Morleys Close, Morleys Marsh, Mr wrights howse, Mr. Spurrs Shop, Mrs Claytons Green, Mrs Claytons Long Close, Mrs Todds Pingle, Ms Susanna Claytons Long Close, Mustelowe thynge, Mustlow thing, Mydby, Mydelstaynmare, Mydle Stannemers, New Brigg or Clow, Newarkes Pingle, Newarks Close, Newe close, northe Stannemers, Northiby, Northstaynmare, Ogles Yard, on the said Wast ground a Tenement formerly stood which was called Coulsons, Oxe close, peddemilme, Petches Close, peueryll house, pickridge Close, plac' terr' voc' Roes pogge, placea terr' vast vocat Ros pog iuxta symwhit bryg, placea terr' vocat Rose pogge, Potters Yard, potters yard, Potters yard, Procters Close, Pyhedeland, Pykerdales, Pyland, Ringes Leas, Russling Close, Ryngstake thyng, Saltcotes, Saltcottes, Sandehowe, Sandey, Sandholme, Sandhow, Sandhowe, Sandou, Sandow, Sandy, Sandye, Scheld' coft, Scheldes close, See close, See Close, Seeacreenge, Seeacrehede, Seeacrehedeland, Sees close, Seland, Sheep Close, Sheep house, Sheepe Close, Sheld close, sheryff crofte, Sheylldcoft, Shielde close, Shiele close, shildeclose, Shoppe Close, Shyllgarthe, Silver buton Close, Simpsons shop, Simpsons Shop, Simson's Close, Sincks, Six Acres Close commonly called Alderman Swangates, Six acres Closes called Alderman's Swangates, Slefordgrounde, Snaythland, Somertemyng, South Stannemers, Sowthstaynmare, Spring garthe, springarthe, Stallings, starcroft, Stubble feild, Sumertymyng, Sumertymyng iuxta portum maris, Sunday, super Rodes, Swangates, Swanland, Sykehouses, Sympsons shop, Synks, takelhouse Close, Talbet house, ter vocat brus land, ter' vast' voc' Rose Poge, terram … nuper appellat Whiteheade Landes, terras Georgii Clayton, Tharrold Close, the baily croft, the bayliffe close, the brick garth, the Brickyarde, the Church close, the Church Close, the Covent closess, the forland ingges, the grange and farm called the Garths, the Great tackle house Close, the headland of Grymsbye, the hirn', the House & Close called Westerbyes, the Long Close, The long Close, The long Close which heretofore had belonged to The Chantry, the new Goate, the Orchard, The Parsonage close, The Parsonage Close, the Pittles, the salt marshes, the Sheepe Close, the shepe closse, the Sincks, the Sinkes, the Sinks, the slooks, the springarthe, the sprynge garth, the stocks, the Stuble Feilde, the Town Close, the Towne bridge, the towne mill, Therlyngland, Thimelbie close, Thorne Close, Todds Close, Tolehills, Tolehils, tolehyll, toll hyll, Tramberkerr, Tramerscroft, Tule hilles, Tulehilles, Tulehilles, Tulehils, tulehyll', Tulie hilles, tulihilles, Tully Hills, Turfhow hyll, Turfhowdayle, Tweed Close, unum claus' vocat' Sheildes close, unum croft' voc' lyas close, ventritic', Walthamland, Wathe, Watheland, Wele, Welesbymere, Wellecroftgarth, Wellow bancke, Wellow Tunnill, West Carre banck, westgayrthe, Whrights howses, Whytehedelandes, Whyteland, Willow Tunnell, Wymarke Croft, Wyndle Crofte, Wynehowe, ye Church Cloase, ye Citicke bancke, ye house and close called Westerbyes, ye long Close, ye New Bridge Haven, ye potters yard, ye Sink, ye Sinks, ye Wellow bancke close, ye Wrastling Close, Yffyffynge house
Modern field-name
(the) East Field, (the) North Field, a close called Chapel, Abbey Leys, Abby Close, Abby head-land, Abby Headland, Bogs Furlong, Bowis's Close, Brat Green, Brat Wong, Broughton Orchard, But bank, Butcher closes, Calf Gate, Castor Hole, Chamberlains Lands, Chamberlains Ley, Chamberlains leys, Chantry Close, Chantry Field-Lands, Chantry Lands, Chantry Pingle, Clay Pits, Coalhouse Yard, Cook's Green, Cooks Green, Cow Close, Cradle Bridge Wong, Cross Drain, Cross Mires, Deadman Furlong, Dolphin, Dove Coat Close, Dove Cot Close, Duckhole, East end Closes, East End Closes, East Sand hills, East-end Closes, Edward Butterwick's Gardens, Epsom Close, Fox Close, Fox Tail, Freehold land called the Waste, Gallows Gutter, Gallows Hill, Glebe Wong, Gold Garths, Great Pitham Close, Grimsby Common, Grimsby Field, Gutter wong, Hell Parlour furlong, High-cross mires wong, Humphrey Walk, Ings Meadow, Ings's, Kings Close Corner, Kings Close Wong, Langleys wong, Leak Hill, Little Close, Little Pitham Close, Long Furlong, Long Ings, Long Marfur, Marfers, Markham Hill, Marsh Cross Ditch, Mile Stone Wong, Mrs Somerscales Farm, Nun's Close, Nuns Acre Wong, Nuns Close, Panny Bottom, Panton furlong, Paul Green furlong, Peacock Dale, Peacock Green, Peacock Wong, Penny Plats, Penny Plots, Pinder Mere, Pingle(s), Piper Well, Pitham, Pitham Nooking, Pitholm, Pitholme, Pitholmes, Priest Green, Pudding Poke furlong, Pudding Poke Marsh, Pudding Poke Nook, Rainbow Wong, Rush Wong, Rye Hill, Sand Hills, Sandhills, Scartho Clife Corner, Scartho Clife Corner Furland (sic), Scartho Clife Corner Furlong, Scartho Mere, Scartho Spring Rundle, Scarthoe Meer, Seven Acres, Shearman Holme, Shepherd's House, Shepherds House, Shepherds House Furlong, Short Ings, South Field, South. Rails Cross, Spital Hill, Spittal Hill, Spittle Green, Standmarsh, Swains Close, Swine garth wong, Syke flg, Tanners Close, the Carr, the common, the Commons, the desmesne flg, the eight acres wong, the fallow field, the Fallow Field, the five and twenty lands flg, the Fryars' Close, the furlong being headland and fellow, the Grip(s), the High Field, the Knowles, the Long Marsh, the Mere Gate, the North End, the Penny platts, The Pindars Grass, the short leys, the South End, the South or Weelsby side Field, the Tethering Grounds, the Toll Carr, the Town Well, the West Fld, the Wet pastures, Thorn Hill, Thorn Tree Marsh, Thorne Hill, Thornhil, Thos Lusby's Marsh, Three Acres Dale, Three Corner furlong, Town or Common Well, Tunnel Wong, Tup Furlong, Tupham Furlong, Tupholme Furlong, Upper Sands Ends, Weelsby Hedge, West Close, West Mere, West pasture, West Sand hills, Wet and Fat (sic), Wet and fat pasture, Wet and fat pasture, Wet and fat Pasture, Wild Goose Furlong, Woo furrows Wong, Woofers Furlong, Yarborough Green Dale
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.56539 Long -0.07553

  • geonameslat = 53.5653900, long = -0.0755300
  • kepnlat = 53.5666, long = -0.0762536

  • Kenneth Cameron, with John Field and John Insley, The Place-Names of Lincolnshire, Part 5 (EPNS 73), Nottingham 1997.