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Historic field-name
Aldithestiele, Bankyard, Dudwell Bank and Meadow, Ewetree Leasow, Ewtree Leasow, Golding, Hall Woods, Hanetrugges, Harley Roe, Harley Roo, Harley Rooe, Harleyesmed, Harp Meadow, Hill Leasow, Kalenge Wood, Laynnynges, Le Hygheʒate, Le Polcroft, Le Waretrerewe, Long Meadow, Mongetes, Northcroft, Nut Meadow, Pirifeld, Preiscroft, Pulleys Bank, Radeweyes Aker, Ruben Mote, The Harp, The Medewey Acre, The Spring Gate, The Woodhouse or Springs, Wethale, Woodleasow, Ye Wood End
Modern field-name
Acre Piece, Bags, Bank Field, Bank Leasow, Bardine Leasow, Barley Leasow, Barn Field, Barn Leasow, Barn Yard, Benbow Field, Beyond the Green, Big Bags, Big Hales, Big Leasow, Blakeway Leasow, Bogs, Brickkiln Leasow, Brickkiln Meadow, Briery Coppice, Briery Coppice Leasow, Bucks Heap, Bucks Leasow, Bulls Grove, Butchers Meadow, Calves Croft, Claypit Leasow, Cockadine, Cockadine Bank, Colswet, Coney Burrow, Coppice Leasow, Corn Field, Cote Leasow, Cote Leasow, Cow Leasow, Cow Pasture, Crabtree Leasow, Croft, Croft behind House, Croft by the Cote, Dykes Leasow, Far Brooms, Far Coppice Leasow, Far Upper Ground, Feggy Leasow, Field, Field above Barn, Field above the Cote, First Coney Burrow, Five Acre Field, Flat Field, Flat Meadow, Furlong, Glebe Leasow, Gorsty Rock, Gravel Hole Field, Grazing Springs, Great Cow Pasture Lower Cow Pasture, Great Hayes, Great Horse Field, Great Rough Hays, Great Spring Lsw Little Spring Leasow, Great Stocking, Great Whitfield, Gully Furlong, Harlands, Hay Field, Hayes, Higher Park Ground, Holding Bank, Horse Field, Horse Piece, House Meadow, Jarmans Leasow, Knocks Leasow, Langleys Croft, Lay Field, Leasow, Lewis's Leasow, Lime Kilns, Limekiln Piece, Little Bags, Little Bank, Little Cold Furlong, Little Horse Field, Little Mare Leasow, Little Meadow, Little Stocking, Long and Little Leasow, Long Field, Long Furlong, Long Hill, Long Leasow, Long Stocking, Long Whitfield, Lords Coppice, Lower Barn Piece, Lower Field, Lower Hay Field, Lower Mitland, Lower Park Ground, Lower Piece, Lsw above the Cote, Malthouse Meadow, Mare Leasow, Meadow, Meadow below House, Meadow by Barn Yard, Middle Springs, Middle Stocking, Mill Leasow, Mitland Leasow, Mitland Pool Leasow, Near Allweeds, Near Coppice Leasow, Near Croft, Near Leasow, Near Springs, Near Upper Ground, New Inclosure, New Leasow, Orchard, Ox Leasow, Park Leasow, Peartree Leasow, Piece above Lime Kilns, Piece along Road, Piece by Lime Kilns, Piece from Glebe, Pit Marsh, Pool Bank, Quillet, Radley, Radley Bank, Radley Ground, Rail Leasow, Rocky Broom, Rogers Leasow, Rough, Rough Cow Leasow, Rough Hayes, Round Thorn, Rowley Leasow, Rushy Meadow, Sandy Brook, Sandy Meadow, Sapling Leasow, Sapper Wing Leasow, Schutters Meadow, Sedning Coneyry, Sheep Leasow, Slang, Slang under Wood, Smiths Bank, Smiths Leasow, Smiths Meadow, Southern Meadow, Spratts Little Leasow, Spratts Upper Leasow, Spring Leasow, Stocking, Stocking, Stocking Ground, Stockings, Stockings Meadow, Stony Field, Stony Stiles, The Bogs, The Field, The Leasow, The Sandy Leasow, The Springs, The Yard, Upper Coney Burrow, Upper Cote Leasow, Upper Ground, Upper Hay Field, Upper Piece, Upper Rough, Wall Field, Way Leasow, Well Leasow, Well Patch, Wenlock Leasow, Wheat Field, Whitfield, Wigwig Gate, Yard Meadow
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 52.6 Long -2.6

  • geonameslat = 52.6000000, long = -2.6000000
  • unlocklat = 52.60941431958272, long = -2.59816059095112
  • kepnlat = 52.6098, long = -2.59951

  • Margaret Gelling, in collaboration with H. D. G. Foxall, The Place-Names of Shropshire, Part 2 (EPNS 70), Nottingham 1995.