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Field-name located in the Parish of Wootton
Historic field-name
a close cauled the personage, Attehill', Barnards Farme, Berryes Farme, Burke Close, campum de Wtton', de duabus les Sheepgates, de monte, Doughties Farme, in Campis de Wotton, in Campis de Wotton', lez Shepegates, Locker Close, Markhames Farme, Old Garth Farm, Smyths Farme, Southend Ferme, the burying Garth, the coman, the East close, the feilds of Wootton, the marfers, the South end Farme, the Southen Farme, the Wash Garth, the West streete, Ulsbie Close, Wentford alias Wentworth House or Toft, Witton Feild, Wittonfield, Wooton feilde, Wootton Feild, Wootton fyeld', Wotton feild, ye feild, ye feild
Modern field-name
Barn Plat, Barn plot, Barton-lane Plat, Brick Kiln Plot, Brickiln Close, Bride gate Lane plat, Brigg Road Platt, Burnham Gate Plat, Burnham Gate platt, Caistor-lane Plat, Captain Garth, Captain's garth, Captains Garth, Cinquefoin Plat, Clay Lane, Clay Pits, Cottagers Garth, Cowpasture or Intack, Dale Btm, Dale Plat, Dam (Hill), Dam Close, East Bank, East Fields, East Lane Clo (sic), East-end Plat, Eighteen Acres, Fallow-heads, Far Bride gate, Far Smallers, Feeding Close, Fifty Acres, First Brats, First Fox Cover Close, First Noon Laves, First Wold, Foot Road Field, Forty Acres, Forty Eight Acres, Forty five Acres, Fox Cover, Fox Cover Plat, Foxcover Plat, Great Close, Great Seed Piece, Home Close, Home Plat, Homestead Close, Horse Close, King Hedge, Little Seed Piece, Michael Hills, Middle Plat, Middle Wold, Mill hill Plot, Mill Hill Plot, Narrow Close, Narrow Piece, North Crofts, Nr Bride gate, Nr Smallers, Old Warren, Pear-tree Garth, Peter Plat, Plantation Close, Pond, Rose Close, Sand Pit Plat, Second Brats, Second Fox Cover Close, Second Noon Laves, Second Wold, Short Bulls, South lane end, South Lane End, Stackyard, Stone Pit, Stone-pit Plat, Stripe, The Barn Plat, the Conies Warren House, the Cornfield, the East Lane, the East Lane Paddock, the East Lanes of Wootton, the Eastlanes, the North fd, the South fd, the South Wold, the South Wold, the Stubble fd, the Warren, the West Wold, the Wold Lane, Thirty Acres, Thorn Tree Plat, Thorne Tree Plat, Thorntree Plat, Timothy Plat, Ulceby Lane, Warren, Warrick Tent, Warricks Close, West-end Plat, Wood Close, Wood Pasture, Wootton North Field, Wootton Plat, Wootton plot
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.61667 Long -0.36667

  • geonameslat = 53.6166700, long = -0.3666700
  • unlocklat = 53.6335287457879, long = -0.3589160757918081
  • kepnlat = 53.6248, long = -0.360921

  • Kenneth Cameron, The Place-Names of Lincolnshire, Part 2 (EPNS 64-65), Nottingham 1991.