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Field-name located in the Parish of Binfield
Historic field-name
Avyd Croftes, Bargherst, Benetfeldesheth, Birds Lane, Blackpitt, Bonelake, Bradecroft, Bucket Hill, Buckets Hill, Culvercrofte, Depars Farme, Depers Manor, Diapers, Diapers als Deepers, Diphurst, Downemead, Dunford Pidell, Durneford, Esteam', Estgrove, Feldams Coppice, Foxlease, Frengecrofte, Hadden Hurst, Haddenhurst Wood, Hadenhurst Wood, Hadnes, Hadnest Hurst, Hadneys Wood als Hadneys Hurst Wood, Hallgroveclose, Hardenhurst, Hawe Hatch, Hawks Wood, Haydenys Wood, Hazel Hatch, Howbrook Lane, La Giggehurne, Lackynnynge Lande, Lamas Piddell', Le Furson, Le Halle Place, Le Marshe, Leegrove Coppice, Lees, Longstrete-lane, Myllponde Meade, Pease Croft, Pennymershe, Pidel and Coppice, Pookepidell, Priestwood Common, Redhurst, Roughgrove, Rowgrove Meade, Runnall Gate, Short Marshe, Strodemede, Strood Pidell, Stroud Meade, Suthale, The Harpe, The Leases, The Marshes, The Three Marshes, Welstrode, Westenham Mill, Westerham Mill, Westman Hill, Wickham Greene, Wood Close, Woodrow, Woodrowe, Wydcrofte, Wydecrofte, Wythemedegrove
Modern field-name
Angells Mead, Barn Close, Barn Field, Barn Meadow, Beacher, Bear Meadow, Biddle's Field, Brewhouse Piece, Brick Kiln Field, Bridle Hill, Broad Meadow, Broad Water, Budging Hame, Burgess' Meadow, Church Field, Clog Weeds, Clover Field, Common Piece, Coppice Field, Coppice Ground, Coppice Meadow, Coppice Moor, Dockwell, Duke of York Piece, Foot Path Ground, Frontage, Fuel Allotment, Further Ground, Further Woo Croft, Garden Meadow, Gascoigne Mead, Gensis Meadow, Goldridge, Grassy Hook, Great Hogwell, Great Innings, Green Lane Allotment, Grove Grounds, Half Moon, Ham Corner, Hamblins Mead, Hand Pightle, Hawthorne, Hickems, High Field, High House Close, Hither Woo Croft, Hobble Close, Hog's Trough, Home Fields, Home Meadow, Hop Garden, House Meadow, Intake, Jack Ground, Jack Meadow, Killing Grove, Kitchen Field, Lane End, Lea Barn Meadow, Little Innings, Long Innings, Long Slip, Longcroft, Merrills, Mill Bridge, Mill Green, Millers Close, Millers Field, New Croft, Northcot, Nursery, Oak Pightle, Old House Meadow, Orange Hill, Paradise Meadow, Pickle Close, Pickles, Pightle, Pond Meadow, Potatoe Ground, Pramslade Pightle, Ramslade, Readings, Rookery, Short Innings, Stackpool, Stubb's Stile, The Half Acre, The Rows, Tippets Lane, Trumplets, Turnpike Field, Turnpike Meadow, White Hill House, Winding Field, Winding Ground
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 51.43159 Long -0.7881

  • geonameslat = 51.4315900, long = -0.7881000
  • unlocklat = 51.43569887362554, long = -0.7842168682535655
  • kepnlat = 51.4362, long = -0.785732

  • Margaret Gelling, The Place-Names of Berkshire, Part 1 (EPNS 49), Cambridge 1973.