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Amsterdam, Back o' th' Dam, Ballanger, Barrow Croft, Black Croft, Blake Acre, Bottoms, Brick Kiln Field, Butty Hill, Capshoe, Carpet, Carr, Carrington Hey, Clappers, Coney Grave, Corn Hey, Crab Tree, Cross Brook, Deep Carrs, Downes, Downs, Elleren Score, Foalt Lane & Foalt Meadow, Forsenger, Gossam Meadow, Green Butts, Hackin Graves, Ham Field, Hardy Meadow, Hash Acre, Hastey, Hea Hey, Heatley, Hemp Croft, Hen Butts, Hilleys, Hillins Bank, Intake, Kiln Field, Knowl Brow, Long Shoot, Lount, Maloons, Many Butts, Mare Hey, Marl Churls, May Acre, Mizzey, Narrow Field, Old Woman's Acre, Outings, Over Hill, Partington Moss, Pasture Gossam, Pillow Croft, Pingot, Pit Hey & Pit Ridding, Poor House Field, Potatoe Hole Field, Poverty, Pye Shaw & Pye Wood, Radcliffe, Rans, Rans Moss, Ridditch Field, Rough, Roughing, Royle, Rundle Field, Sawpit Field, School Moss Field, Shaw End, Shuts, Soont, Stockey Loons, Stone Ford, The Broome, Three Nook Field, Tithe Barn Croft, Tithe Field, Tong's Croft, Turn Rough, Weather Meadow, Well Croft, Wheat Hey, Wheatey Field, Wheaty Field, Whitehead's Bottom Moss, Winstanley, Wood Acres, Yarn Croft
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.42535 Long -2.38954

  • geonameslat = 53.4253500, long = -2.3895400
  • epnslat = 53.42389485, long = -2.391302928
  • unlocklat = 53.42841515266915, long = -2.383818656477245
  • kepnlat = 53.4287, long = -2.38522

  • John McN. Dodgson, The Place-Names of Cheshire, Part 2 (EPNS 45), Cambridge 1970.