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Field-name located in the Parish of North Nibley
Historic field-name
Aldercombe, Aldercome, andlang cymbes, Bobe croft, Boxwell hill, Bucketwell, Buthey, Elmeslade, Eucombe, Eucombes, Ewecombe, Ewecombes, Forelandes, Gramers cliff, Hincombe, Humble waye, Huswifes acre, le Yate, Longborne, Michellwood, Miklewoode, on aler cymbe, Richmore, Rokum, Ruckcombe, Rye croft, Slatters cliff, Smale stretes croft, Smalecombe Court, Smalecombe Courte, Smalecombes Court, Smalecombes Courte, Smallcombe, Smythe croft, Stretly, the Seech, Tickruydinge hill, Towne slade, Vorlandes, Werelandes, Whichcombe, Winchcombe, Wincombe, Witsley, Wyllinglie, Wyseleye
Modern field-name
Appletree leaze, Ather coombe, Balling pen, Bean leaze, Berry hill, Birch ley, Blackmoors, Bloxsome hill, Bowery, Brock pen, Brockley, Bull ridings, Burrows, Burrows mead, Cheesemans hay, Chestley, Church-end, Church-field, Clayfields, Combs, Cow pen, Cowley hill, Deane, Elvers, Enocks, Gansey, Gisting Thorn, Gravel pits, Great Green, Grove, Hacks, Hales, Hanley, Hay stall, Hill acre, Hunt hill, Hurn, Inchcombe, Lays, Linch, Little Green, Long ley, Mill Brooks, Mill croft, Mundays leaze, Nackery, Peckham, Penhill wood, Pennings, Pillwell, Rack ground, Ridemisse, Sandcroft, Slades, Snakes hole, Stancomb wood, Stow green, Stump mead, Swinbourn, Tetchcombe, Tidman, Titcombe, Tynings, Weekley, Wickley, Wilsley, Winley, Woolpits
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 51.66056 Long -2.37556

  • geonameslat = 51.6605600, long = -2.3755600
  • epnslat = 51.65272319, long = -2.37586519
  • unlocklat = 51.65719658802124, long = -2.383131212011994
  • kepnlat = 51.6577, long = -2.37001

  • A. H. Smith, The Place-Names of Gloucestershire, Part 2 (EPNS 39), Cambridge 1964.