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Field-name located in the Parish of Alfreton
Historic field-name
Barsfelde, Benett Howse, Bolehill, Crokesbergh, Crokesbero, Goldcar, le Bentt, le Qwytekere, Manheye, Mooreleys, Moorleys, Plumtree House, Qwythenegreues, Robertrydding, Salhinwell, Stonyacre Close, the Oldfield Close, the Rowe Lawnde, Thorteley, Thortley, Tomelingreue, Wyntersedecrofte
Modern field-name
Alder Wood, Barley Croft, Bell Alley, Benty Field, Brackensley, Brick Kiln Close, Bridge Foot Close, Bull Pasture, Burnt House Croft, Calf Close, Clover Park, Coal Close, Coot Close, Copthouse, Court Close, Cow Close, Crabtree Pingle, Duckness, Dumble Close, Edens Close, Edmund Pasture, Flat Close, Flax Croft, Flowery Leys, Foal Hovel Pasture, Footgate Close, Four Acres, Gallytree Meadow, Gate Close, Gin Piece, Glaziere Close, Great Close, Greville, Hanger Hill, Hitch Hill, Holdsteads, Hollin Top, Holme Croft, House Close, Ibes Close, Ironstone Close, Long Leys, Magg Meadow, Meadow, Middle Wood, Mountaney Close, Narrow Tang, Nether Lane Field, Oat Close, Over Close, Ox Pasture, Parson's Bit, Pipes Close, Pit Close, Pit Hill Close, Pool Close, Quarry Close, Sheep Croft, Skinner Hill, Smiddy Croft, Smithfields, Smithy Croft, Sough Close, Spaw Close, Sutton Close, Taghill Lane, The Holt, The Pingle, Thistley Close, Thorn Leys, Three Nooked Close, Toft Close, Townside Close, Upper Croft, Upper Lane Close, Walking Croft, Water Meadow, Well Close, Wheat Close, White Green, Willow Close, Windmill Close
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.0961 Long -1.38832

  • geonameslat = 53.0961000, long = -1.3883200
  • unlocklat = 53.09479471047319, long = -1.380194247762605
  • kepnlat = 53.0951, long = -1.38171

  • Kenneth Cameron, The Place-Names of Derbyshire, Part 2 (EPNS 28), Cambridge 1959.