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Historic field-name
Ashey Clough, Baumford, Birchenebrugge Clouheved, Birchin lee, Bridgecroft, Bridgehay croft, Cuckoe nest, Denebrockes, Denebrok, Grenelowe, Grenemures, Grenewellesty, Haliwell, Haliwelle, Halywell, Halywelle, Helde, Holes, Leche, Mereclugh, Myln More, Oxhay, Russhelache, Stani forth, Stani forthe, Starriot, Stoniford, Stoniforth, Stoniforthe, the Buftonn, The Marshebotham, Throstle nest, Thursbacheheved, Thursebachelheved, Wineleybotham, Winterfaleforthe, Winterfalleforthe, Wyneleybotham, Wynterfaleford, Wynterfaleforthe, Wynterfalleford, Wynterfalleforthe
Modern field-name
Acre Meadow, Alder Field, Alders Croft, Back Meadow, Bank Hay, Barn Meadow, Barrack, Beat Meadow, Benthay, Betty Field, Black Marl'd Field, Bottoms, Broomfield, Broomy Field, Brownlow Intake, Brows, Calf Croft, Calf Hay, Clough Meadow, Coal Pit Field, Cob Intake, Cobblers Field, Cooke Field, Cornal Top, Cote Field, Cote Meadow, Cowhay, Crabtree Field, Cranberry Intake, Crowtree Meadow, Dane Riddings, Dockeray Meadow, Doe Hay, Fair Plains, Fallents, Fernyhough, Field Top, Flat Meadow, Gilbert Meadow, Gorsy Brow, Green Top, Harry Meadow, Hay, Hemp Croft, High Field, Highan Intake, Highermost Flat, Hollow Meadow, Hoskin Bottom, Houp Croft, House Croft, Hyde, Intake, Jack Field, Joshua Field, Kiln Bank, Lime Field, Little Rake, Long Croft, Long Field, Long Shut, Lower Meadow, Lowermost Flat, Lowfield Meadow, Mare Clough, Marl'd Earth, Marls, Meadow Spot, Mill Clough, Miller Intake, Moor Hay, Nan Pits Green, Naresby, Old Meadow, Old Pits, Orchard Field, Oven Clough, Owle Clough, Patch or New Meadow, Pig(h)oe, Pingot, Pit Croft, Potato Field, Rakes Meadow, Red Earth, Red Slack, Rickler, Robin Intake, Rose Hay Head, Rough Field, Round About, Round Croft, Runnet Field, Rye Croft, Sand Field, Sand Hill, Shaw Hay, Sland Bank, Smithy Croft, Spout Croft, Step Field, Stone Ridding, Swine Hey, Tentry Field, Turnpike Field, Upper Field, Wale Hill, Well Croft, Well Field, Wood Leys Wood
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.43289 Long -1.99302

  • geonameslat = 53.4328900, long = -1.9930200
  • unlocklat = 53.43802112043215, long = -1.992472463104938
  • kepnlat = 53.4383, long = -1.99392

  • Kenneth Cameron, The Place-Names of Derbyshire, Part 1 (EPNS 27), Cambridge 1959.