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Field-name located in the Hundred of High Peak Hundred
Historic field-name
Chinley wall, Kirkes Land, Pedley Carr, Strawberey Lane, the Meare Gutter, the Stoppes, Weintittes, Workensteedes
Modern field-name
Ash Croft, Axes, Baby Meadow, Backhouse Brow, Backside, Bailey Field, Balchas Meadow, Balk, Ball Pool, Banges, Bent, Bill Piece, Birch Bank, Black Field, Blazel, Bores Clough, Broad End, Brow, Brown Tong, Brume Acre, Bushey Field, Calf Hey, Car, Cellar House, Clatter Hill, Cow Lane, Cross Field, Dicken Acre, Dolly Field, Drinkwater Piece, Dry Field, Dyhouse Croft, Eller Dole, Fat Haden, Firm Close, Flash Wood Meadow, Flat, Frog Meadow, Front Meadow, Galliot Acre, Gin Cote Croft, Goit Meadow, Gorse Brow, Grainens, Great Clough, Green Lands, Gun Piece, Hare Hades, Harper Field, Hay Green, Hay Maker, Hazel Patch, Heath, Hog Field, Hole, Hollin Bank, Hollow Wood, Humpton Piece, Hunter Sitch, Inner Green, Intake, Irons, Jones Well, Kiln Croft, Lady Shaw, Lay Field, Leanox, Lee End, Leys, Lim'd Knowl, Linch Field, Long Lands, Lowe, Lower Grain, Lowmest Field, Luck Meadow, Marsh, Mean Bottom, Mill Field, Moory Backs, Mown Field, Mushroom Field, Nanny Meadow, Newcomb, Nut Bottom Close, Old Crofts, Oxes Meadow, Oxley, Peggy Field, Philip Lowe, Plat Croft, Rantake, Ridge Clough, Rocks, Rough Side, Rushey Field, Rye Croft, School Field, Seeded Field, Shewbut, Shut Clough, Slack Pitts, Slate Pit Field, Smithy Field, Spout Meadow, Spring Meadow, Stable Field, Stone Bent, Stone Stile, Stonebench, Stubba Croft, Tainter Piece, Three Cornered Field, Ward Acre, Warm Wells, Wat Hey, Weir Meadow, Wet Field, White Rakes, Wicken, Withen Meadow
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 53.34025 Long -1.939

  • geonameslat = 53.3402500, long = -1.9390000
  • unlocklat = 53.33911626250617, long = -1.932409010844826
  • kepnlat = 53.3394, long = -1.93386

  • Kenneth Cameron, The Place-Names of Derbyshire, Part 1 (EPNS 27), Cambridge 1959.