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Ackergarth wath, Apletreethwate, Appletreethwaite, Bawden Hall, blawmyer heade, Boureland, Bowedyke, boweloninge ende, Bowslacke, Braikkogarth head, Brunerigg, Buckboddome, Buckbottom, Buttes, Clailand, Cowdey hill, Cross, del Grene, Elusthill, Engelandis, Fauld, Fold, Frechnet, Futor land, Galsehouseyng, gillkertinges wathe, Godefraicroft, Grene, Grene, Grenegate, Grenrig, gulloburgh syke, Hall-Walls, hayre syke, Jack Dyke, Killyate, Kirkstile, Le Banhevd, Le Crosse, le Firth, le frithenette, le hangayeate, le Well, Merscland, Myddelsedyk, Newland, Newlands, Northsedyk, Paddock-Hole, Paddockehoole, Prestholm, Pynelmyre, Raynersete, Routhmyre, Senyfrith, Spilmanholme, Staynbryg, Stonehouse, Strangbowland, Suthfryth, Suthou, the grean, the hie way called the Dockenwell, the kings house, the Old Castle, the stanner, the stoke wath, the stone wath, Tordawath, Torday wathe, Toueyeate, Townheade, Trendilbut, Warnehill, Westsedyk, Whiteland crookes
"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
geonames Lat 54.92181 Long -3.05671

  • geonameslat = 54.92181, long = -3.05671
  • unlocklat = 54.925537981, long = -3.05337892
  • kepnlat = 54.9256, long = -3.05476

  • A. M. Armstrong, A. Mawer, F. M. Stenton, and Bruce Dickins, The Place-Names of Cumberland, Part 1 (EPNS 20), Cambridge 1950.